Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eyelid itching. Red, Dry and Itchy Swollen Eyelids, How can i stop the itch

Puffy, red and swollen eyelids along with intense itching sensation of the eyelids is not a common condition. Even though, around this time of the year, people with allergies start complaining about their eyes being watery and itchy, most of us humans, skip this unwanted urge to itch or scratch the eyelids.

If you have history of allergy than you most likely know what to expect when the allergy season approaches. But what if the allergy like symptoms just don't go away and the eyelid itch bothers you for days and weeks to the point when the Eyelids become red, flaky and swollen. How do you know if it is the allergy and not demodex mites that cause the itch?

With simple test your doctor can tell if you have the allergy or demodex on your Eyelids and why the Eyelids are swollen. While you are waiting for the appointment (which may take up to 3 weeks), there are few signs that can tell if it is the allergy or the demodex mites.

Besides itching and burning of the eyelids, the under skin crawling sensation is what people with Eyelids demodex experience the most. The mites avoid the sun light. It is more active at night. Therefore, the itching and crawling sensations become more intense at night - evening hours.

There are different ways you can kill the mites and clear the Eyelids from demodex. Keeping in mind that chemicals, antibiotics and hormones can harm the immune system of the skin, you should stick with natural products. Antibiotics should be used as preventative measure, only to kill the secondary infection if it occur from constant scratching of the eyelids.

Killing the Eyelid mites safely, with natural - topical products and at the same time, boosting the immune system of the skin infected with demodex is the way to get rid of the mites and clear the Eyelids from demodicosis.

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