Monday, May 21, 2012

Demodex treatment for Humans

Deep within the sebaceous glands and close to hair follicles, are mites that are not visible to the naked eyes. They are called demodex, and majority of people have them. These mites that thrive in the human skin possess a complex digestive system that gives them the ability to consume the sebum contained by the hair follicles. Moving with a speed of approximately 8-16 sm/hour, they can abandon the follicle and remain on the surface of the skin. Demodex cannot function with sunlight so they act at night. This is one of the very reasons why individuals who have these mites experience higher levels of skin irritation at nighttime, particularly during the evening.

Demodex can be controlled and regulated by a stable and well-functioning immune system. Some people’s immune system is strong while others’ are weak. For this reason, not all of us are aware of the presence of demodex. However, in many cases, as th e body’s age progresses, the immune system also declines. There are many factors to be considered when it comes to an impaired immune system. Aside from the effects of natural body changes, our intake of chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics to recover from different kinds of sicknesses also weaken our immunity. Demodicos or the uncontrolled multiplication of demodex may have symptoms that are the same as blepharitis or the irritation of the follicles of the eyelash, acne, and rosacea. Also, to confirm the presence of demodex, it is advisable to consult your physician.

When tests reveal that it is indeed demodex, appropriate treatment can then be given to you. The course of treatment for this disorder is complex. The patient is given topical medications and the immune system is enhanced with a nutritious diet. Ascorbic acid, more commonly known as Vitamin C, is used to make the skin look healthier and it is also used to make the immune system stronger. When it com es to boosting one’s immunity, many people see the important role played by Vitamin C. If you have demodicosis, it means that your skin’s immunity is impaired. In this case, you are required to use an all-natural cream that fights demodex. You should refrain from using demodex-fighting topical products that contain chemicals and antibiotics that weaken the immune system.

Demodex do not only thrive close to the sebaceous glands found on the forehead, chin, face, and some other body parts, they also have the ability to live on the scalp. The presence of demodex in the body can only be stopped by a limited number of natural products. Again, the use of demodex-fighting products that have chemicals and antibiotics is discouraged. You will only be able to fight and control the presence of demodex by using natural products that include anti-demodex eye lotion, scalp demodicosis shampoo, and face cream for demodex. If your facial skin is affected by demodex mites (not the Eye area: eyelashes, eyebrows etc.) you might want to cansider using the Demodexin Natural Anti Demodex Cream. Cream Demodexin was specifically formulated for safe and effective treatment of demodicosis on the face. It contains stong blend of most effective, anti demodex oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals able to kill demodex mites and help your skin to rehabilitate after demodex mites are gone.


  1. very good article on demodex. i was just diagnosed with demodex after almost 6 month of treating rosacea, my doctor finally listened to me and agreed to test my skin for demodex mites. So, now, it is whole new ball game with these buggers, i am glad that this article came across so i know that demodex is better treated with organic - natural products. just ordered cream demodexin and shampoo made by Ovante. will keep every one posted how is my treatment going.

    1. Just wondering about your progress. I started itching after a friend came over right after working as a dog groomer without a shower (what was she thinking??), then my hair started falling out. I suspect this is what I have.