Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lash Mites

What is a Lash mite? Why some people have mites in eyelashes and others don't? How mites get into Eyelashes?

Lash Mite is microscopic skin parasite called Demodex. There are many different types of demodex mites but only few can live on human skin. Approximately 90% of people carry the mites. Demodex can be found on any part of human body. However, the facial skin and the scalp are more attractive. The mites like to stay closer to the main source of food. Facial area has biggest sebaceous glands which produce the sebum oil.

When demodex mite finds "home" in eyelashes, it name changes to Lash mite. Generally, demodex mites are called Demodex folliculorim. Name Lash Mite is widely used among people who has these parasites in the Eye Lashes. During the day, lash mites are less active, they stay deep inside the hair follicles of eyelashes, feeding on sebum oil. These parasites are night creatures. This is why, people with increased number of Lash mites feel more eye itching and skin irritation at night and around evening hours. Mites start to crawl out from follicles when it get dark. Crawling of thousands and thousand of microscopic bugs creates unbearable itching of eyelashes.

Why some people have lash mites symptoms and others don't?! Because of the immune system. Fully functioning immune system, plays the most vital role in preventing opportunistic infection. It helps to combat and prevent disease. Generally, Lash mites cause no trouble to humans and most of us don't notice the parasites. Some humans have strong immune system and others don't. People with weak immune system are the once who can get Demodicosis - when demodex (lash Mites) start to multiply without control causing all kind of itching, irritation and other symptoms.

Symptoms of lash demodex can be similar to blepharitis and other eye related problems. If you feel itching, burning and notice inflammation of the eyelids, its best if you see a doctor. A test can show if you have demodex mites.

There are few different products available that can help to stop the lash itching and kill the mites. Some prescription and over the counter demodex products (cream, lotion etc) made with chemicals and antibiotics. If used for long time, chemical products can suppress the immune system of the skin. You should consult with your doctor about possible side effects. Anti Demodex Cream with sulfur is used to treat demodicosis. But sulfur generaly dry the skin. If skin gets dried, your body start producing more sebum oil and feed the mites. The sebum oil is a main source of food for demodex mites. Therefore, make sure your skin does not get dry if using sulfur cream.

Topical products with neem oil and lemon grass oil are most effective and safe to use. Eyes n Mites natural lotion is over the counter product for Eyelash mites. The lotion contains blend od anti demodex oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. When applied on to the eyelashes, the active ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin pores killing the mites. The vitamins and minerals help to restore the immune system of the skin. Oils and herbal extracts prevent demodex mites from returning. You can find more infrormation on Eys n Mites
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  1. i had gone through stages of demodex plus different treatments recommended by my derm. thank God its almost cured but if you choose wrong treatment the mites can migrate on to the eyelashes. I had this problem and found out that this for of demodex is more difficult to treat simply because the doctors don't have any medicine that can help to kill the mites on eyelashes. Mostly antibiotic creams is what i was given but they did not help at all