Friday, April 6, 2012

Persistent Eyelid Itch. Why Eyelids are Itchy and Swollen

Besides possible, allergic reaction to cosmetics (mascara, eye shows) and eye medications, the itching of the eyelids can be caused due to a small skin parasite called Demodex folliculorum. This harmless skin mite can cause itching and irritation of the eyelids. If irritation persists, the eyelids become swollen.

The itchy sensation in the eyelids is common. All of us humans, experience the urge to itch or scratch the eyelids at some point in life. Generally, the itch goes away. But what if it doesn't and the eyelid itch bothers you for days and weeks. How do you know if it is the demodex mites that cause the itch and not the allergy?

In many cases the eyelid itchy sensation of eyelids comes from allergies from dust, molds, pollen, pet dander, etc. Cosmetic products: mascara, eye makeup can trigger allergies and cause itchy eyelids. Women wearing lots of eye makeup are at risk of developing cosmetic related allergy.

Most eye makeup products made from chemicals. Mascara and others have wide range of harmful ingredients. Wearing such products on your eyelids for very long time can suppress the immune system of the skin. The immune system is what really controls the demodex mites. It makes sure that demodex stays in low numbers.

When the immune system of your skin, fails to provide protection, demodex mites start to multiply without any control causing eyelid itching and irritation. Swollen eyelids and persistent itching should alarm you. You should consider to see a doctor and tell him about the symptoms.

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