Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eyelash mites pictures and treatment for mites in eyelashes

Demodex fulliculorum or Eyelash skin mite is a small parasite. It can be found on the skin of most human beings. Our immune system keeps the mites under control, preventing people form disease known as demodicosis when demodex mites begin to multiply without control.

Stress, pollution, alcohol, sigarets, medical drugs are among the factors which can brake the immune system. But no matter what the reason is, if the immune system fails to provide protection, the eyelash mites (demodex folliculorum) start to respond by growing its population.

Small number of eyelash mites is harmless to humans, it can not cause any health problems. In fact, people don't even know that they have demodex mites living on the skin. The real problem comes only when demodex gets out of control.

Unexplainable loss of eyelashes, watery eyes, itching, burning and irritation of the eyelashes and eyelids especially at night could be signs and symptoms of eye demodicosis. These symptoms must be addressed to your doctor.

There are different anti demodex products available. Ask your doctor about possible side effects and the length of treatment. Some prescription and over the counter demodex products (cream, lotion etc) made with chemicals and antibiotics. If used for long time, chemical products can suppress the immune system of the skin. Cream with sulfur can dry your demodex prone skin. If skin gets dried, your body starts to produce more sebum oil that can feed demodex mites.

Eyes n Mites natural lotion is over the counter product for Eyelash mite. The lotion contains demodex oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. When applied on to the eyelashes, the active ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin pores killing the mites. The vitamins and minerals help to restore the immune system of the skin. Oils and herbal extracts prevent demodex mites from returning. You can find more infrormation on Eys n Mites
lotion HERE


  1. dr Oz recommends to use diluted tea tree oil. he says it should kill demodex mites on eye lashes. ive been straggling with demodex for about 3 years now and tried tea tree oil. it only helps temporarily, mites hide deep in skin pores so after you wipe the eyelashes with tea tree oil, the itch comes back in few hours.

  2. yes, i agree with you, tea tree oil is good but you have to be careful with it. as temporary relief from itchy skin or itchy eyelashes, maybe, but in order to kill the mites you need deep penetrating cream or lotion with tea tree and other things that can kill demodex

  3. i used tea tree oil but not on my eyebrows. i have demodex on my face and it did not help. the problem i think with using just the tea tree oil without anything elese is that it does not go deep into the skin pores and hair follicles. And what you are going to do at night? stay up all night just wiping your face with tea tree oil? i think as good as tea tree oil is killing the demodex mites in should be used when it is combined in a cream or lotion so it can penetrate the skin barier and than go deep into the skin pores (where the demodex mites are hiding) and kill them all suckers right there. Now, the tea tree oil is not the only oil that can kill demodex mites, the lemon grass oil and the neem oil are also good skin mites killers. All anti demodex products made by Ovante have these oils and it does works very well. i am using ovante cream Demodexin right now on my face and what a relief! i finally can sleep at night and the itching is gone, the rendess starting to dissapear. so it is better to use a cream or lotion with tea tree oil instead of applying pure oil on your skin.

  4. there is no way i will use anything but eyes n mites lotion. this stuff really does the job. i got the bottle of this lotion on the mail a week ago and right after three - four applications i felt so much relief, eye s mites is very effective