Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is EyeBrow Mites?

Eyebrow demodex mites are tiny skin parasites that live in skin pores and hair follicles of the eyebrows.  This microscopic skin parasite can be found in humans as well as animals. There are many different types of  demodex but only three species can stay on humans.

The eyebrow mites live in the eye area, it can go deep inside the eyebrows hair follicles.  The size of an adult mite just 0.3 mm - 0.4mm. This skin parasite have good digestive  system, feeds on sebum oil and cosmetic products that people use. The eyebrow mites don't tolerate the sun light. It is most active at night. This is why, people with eyebrow mites experience more itching and burning symptoms during night hours.

Female eyebrow mites are smaller than males, it lays eggs deep inside the hair follicles of the eyebrows hair. New mites are born in 3-4 days, the old demodex die decomposing in the skin pores. Increased number of demodex mites requires treatment. If left untreated, the eyebrow mites will multiply without control causing infection and loss
of the eyebrows.

The symptoms of eyebrow mites can resemble to other problems. It is important that you see the doctor first. Eyebrow mites are microscopic skin parasites. Simple test can tell if you have demodex mites in the eyebrow.

There are different anti demodex treatments available. Cream DEMODEXIN for facial skin is all natural anti-demodex product. It contains herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. When applied on to your skin, the active ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin pores killing the demodex mites. The vitamins and minerals restore the skin's immune system suppressed by demodex. Oils and herbal extracts promote healthier looking skin and prevent demodex from returning.

The EYES n MITES lotion is all natural anti demodex remedy for eye and eyebrow demodex.

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  1. i used demodexin, very good cream but make sure if you use it avoid the eyes. it will burn. i had it in my eyes accidentaly and found out the hard way (lol) but as far as bugs (demodex) it helps a lot. don't know abt the eye product but for face demodexin is the best